What do I need on my Fire-Stick

I have two Fire-sticks, one on each TV. I have Kodi and Cinema installed on each as well as IP Vanish, Downloader, Tea TV, Troypoint app, and Xanax. My question is, do I need Kodi or Xanax? I never use them. I like to keep things simple (because I’m 80 and simple is better). I would like to remove Kodi (which is too complicated for me) and add Bee TV. So, my question is, exactly what do I absolutely need on my fire-stick.

i dint think xanax was still working i like kodi with zenon for read debrid installed

Kodi can be as simple or complicated as you make it. I personally enjoy Kodi more than anything. I only use one add-on, no builds. And I installed an add-on that auto launches my video add-on when you open Kodi. Have a look at this video I recorded and see what you think.

Kodi + The Crew + Real Debrid


Thank you; I will watch the video and try it. I just want simple…Thanks again for the information.

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