What arw the best streaming apks for andriod tv box X88

Need to know what are the best streaming apks for andriod tv box X88. And i would also like thebest kodi build with free ppv and adult seccion


Hello there.

Best streaming apps

That should be what you need.

The crew

The crew and seren addon be all you need for kodi.

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I just got an X 88 .
Like U still downloading and testing.

I have Kodi 19.2 with Diggz Xenon Free installed.

I can watch ALL ppv UFC fights .

Lots of sports addons .

As for the last part , lots of addons for that .

If U use applinked there is an Adult section to download apks

Strix also has an Adult section

Have U tried to install a custom launcher and if so which one and could U install widgets.

I have ATV launcher but can not get widgets installed



I have not tried to install a custom launcher on it. My kid uses it mostly.

Iā€™m glad you got your stuff on it. Rapid app is really a amazing system. All in one shot apk delivery.

Thanks for your response do you have the link or url for the ciggs Xeon free. And as for custom launchers i have not found one with widgets yet.

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Unsure if the rules allow me to share url here. BUT if you go to U tube and do a search for Diggz build you will see many options .
I am super new at this andriod thing and to this group.
After to drop a ton of money into high end device while I decide what is best 4 me . Lots of opinions in here .
R U going to use Kodi 4 PPV ā€¦ or movie watching .

Here you guys go:
Go to Troypoint.com and search Diggz Xenon
Diggz Xenon Build on Firestick, Fire TV, Android for Kodi 19 Matrix
As for custom launchers go here:
How to Install Wolf Launcher on Firestick/Android & Upgrade Your Interface

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