WHAAAATSUP...Onn. thats what

Loving Onn…never Looking Back…Thanks Troy again for your invaluable help :laughing: :baseball:


Picked up an onn box yesterday and got it working with Netflix, Prime and my tivimate program. I have used firesticks for the past 3 years and this $19.88 streamer just runs circles around the sticks. I’m sold.
Thanks Troy for all your help and videos.


I cannot get Tivimate to record to any size USB stick for the life of me :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head:

No matter if I make USB as permanent storage or as removable storage. I can’t even force / name the directory in Recordings menu. Tivimate will record a show for 4 mins and then stop. I’ve spent 8 hours in the last 2 days to no avail. BTW never have an issue on getting Tivimate to record on my Firestick 4ks or Maxs

Please help!

Does your 4K Maxx recognize the USB and show storage

YES - every 4k Max AND 4k that I’ve installed with USB storage has been recognized and Tivimate has recorded to. I think it has to do something with new Android and security