[WEIRD] App Management Anomaly

Experiencing a weird anomaly when managing Apps. Scrolling down the Apps, I’ll click on one, and the icon shows the App above?? To make things worse, If I then chose to uninstall the App, it will ask to confirm the App to be uninstalled and names the App above?
See the pics for an idea of what I mean. I selected Troypoint, and the icon displayed is Surfshark. It will then say, “do I want to uninstall Surfshark?”
It does this for every App. I select it, it shows the App above’s icon…weird!

Any ideas?

Hey King…

(If yur using a flashdrv)
In manage apps…
How about where it says Show All Apps…
Clik on that, it may let u split to intrnl/extrnl (seems to have a prob when in “all”)


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Cheers Sketch, no flashdrv installed. I did have until I hooked up a wired Lan adapter, now I need a work around to add a USB as the cable I did use isn’t working.

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I had something similar but not as extreme happen once. In my case the Y adapter must have become crimped or was not good. I removed everything & did a complete reset to Factory Defaults then re-updated to current.
While I was concentrating on creating the DeBloat methods, I fried 1 of the 1st gen sticks, 1 of the 2nd gen & 2 of the 4K sticks. Moved on from Sticks over a year ago as to increasing their performance since I regarded it to be at Max for the Amazon proprietary OS & am now concentrating on the Google Smart TV OS which is a real joy to use. I have 1 a Sony Bravia XR X90J 75" which is performing almost as well as my upgraded NVidia Shield Pro. I increased the Google proprietary system with added 32 GB USB capacity & by-passed the 10/100 Ethernet connection using an usb3/0 to Ethernet adapter not a Hub increasing both download & upload speeds to over 600MB/s. The Google Smart TV OS right now is not buggy like the Firestick & adapts well to 3rd Party applications using all of the streaming apps including KODI with the best “Oh Sh*t” remedy of reset to Default program. May eventually publish a How To Guide ?


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