Web cams and firesticks

How can I hookup and use a web cam to my 4K firestick?

Hey 3102…

The official way & easiest way is to go thru Alexa…

U have to c if Alexa (on yur phone) has a “skill” for your brand of cams… & learn that skill

Then u just have to hit the voice commnd & say “Alexa show me Driveway”… she says ok… it takes a sec… says “Waiting for (brand)”… then shows cam u askd for

There r other 3rd party apps on your native homesreen that may work or u get lucky & yor brand has an app


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Also remember that alot of cams work off a 2.4mHz. Some routers are not only 2.4 but also 5mHz. So when setting them up, if you don’t have Alexa, remember to shut off the 5mHz on your router so the router can search for 2.4. I still have issues with my Wemo switches at times. They let me control my lights

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