Watching IPTV on a laptop

I subscribe to an IPTV service. Can I transfer that programming to a laptop while traveling?

Hey @gryknx If your service has a webplayer you can use that…or…you can download Bluestacks android emulator & put some of the popular iptv players & apps on it…you’ll also have Playstore access with it. Here is a video from Troy that explains how to set it up…older video but still valid. GL2U :cowboy_hat_face:


The new windows 11 will allow android apps(so im told) and Chrome books also work with some apps.


Can I take the my home IPTV service with me when I’m traveling?

As long as your iptv service isn’t ip locked (which most aren’t) you can watch it on any device anywhere. So yes…you can take the service anywhere you can get an internet connection…you just have to enter your username/password & playlist xtream code/m3u info into the player you’re using on Bluestacks…the same way you entered it on your home device/tv.


What if my IPTV service is side-loaded on a device?

IPTV services really aren’t “sideloaded”…they are server urls & account credentials that are loaded into an iptv player…and all players can be downloaded from Playstore or Amazon et al…so, if you have a player you can put any service in it if it has an xtream code/m3u…then username/password.

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About the best way to travel with iptv and other apps is with everything loaded on a stick, like the firestick etc. That works as long as you have a decent internet connection. Plug it in to any tv or carry a small tv with you. You can also get a android tablet and its all contained there but just with a small screen. But with the right setup you can cast or wire it to a big screen.


So I can unplug my device from my TV and plug it into my laptop?

Short answer…yes…but NOT easily…so pretty much NO (very complicated) As TXRon stated…if there is a tv where you’re going, you can just hook your device up to it. If it’s your laptop only, then Bluestacks or a webplayer from your iptv service are the 2 practical ways to go.


If its a chrome laptop then your chances are better but not a given. Remember these sticks are android. I use a 1o" tablet for travel and everything is loaded on that so no need for a stick. Any size monitor with an hdmi will work and would be lighter than a tv…

You can use MyIPTV Player Microsoft Apps

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