Want install 19.4 alongside Kodi 19 using Fork

Good day I have kodi 19 installed and wanted to install kodi 19.4 ( two side by side kodi options using the troypoint kodi firk.
Kodi 19vis slready installed and working but when I try to install 19.4 it doesn’t completeley install. Any suggestions?
Thanks Alan

A bit cloudy what you are looking for but here’s a Downloader code that will allow you to install another instance (Fork) of KODI 19.3 It will install the Wizard for the Grindhouse Group Builds which I’ve been using for years. You can install one of their many Builds or any Build of your choice. Point being you have another instance of KODI to do as you choose


Thanks I downloaded Grindhouse then tried installing Venom using https://123venom.github.io/
it and is not working?

What device are you installing on? Does it have enough storage?

For that link you provided the github page is either down or been removed.

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