Walmart Onn 2k streaming stick - $6

For those that didn’t score on this deal early in the year, or even interested, I spotted some on a hook at one of my local stores.

This is despite the Walmart site indicating zero stock. It was still scanning at $6. I had no interest, but for $6 clearance, it may serve a purpose for some.

Again - the site indicated no stock, but there was 2-3 on a hook.

Originally $25, then bumped down to $15, before in-store pricing rang up $6. Store product page below.

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I have 2 in a box that are terrible devices, if I remember correctly 1gb ram and plenty of heating for a 1 bedroom apartment :joy:

They certainly weren’t performance sticks, even comparatively to the 1st gen fire sticks.

1gb ram has its drawbacks, but for $6, it may serve as a low risk/cost way of making an old monitor or old TV into a smart TV albeit top or mainstream performance.

I never owned one so I don’t recall how hot these ran under load. Not surprised though.