Vpnsafetydot problem

vpnsafetydot worked fine when I had my previous VPN but always shows that SurfShark as not being connected when it is. Why? I had deleted vpnsafetydot and reinstalled it and it still shows that SurfShark as not being connected.

Here to experiencing same problem a month ago with different VPN provider, it shows internet conneted, safety dot color red, VPN connection couldn’t be established.

Later I find out that Google blocked the internet connection to my TV box device due to some update and important notifications must be turned on.

After updating and turned on the notifications restart my device.

Internet connection was established VPN connection also on “I’m using NordVpn” and active but the Safety dot still showing red.

So I had to open the safety dot app and turned on manually than the color changed to green.

In my case the cause was that Google blocked my internet connection later on I have to activate the safety dot manually.

P.s When you open VPNSafetyDot to activated also go to settings and in Start VPNSafetyDot On Device Boot section also must be turned on🤞

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Thank you for your reply.

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Hey @bpn7rap Did you make sure everything is toggled on in unknown sources when you reinstalled it? I too have SS but it does show when it’s on or off…my problem has always been the dot not starting up after a reboot (which is part of my daily/bi-daily maintenance)…every once in a while it will, but mostly not. Everything in the dot settings is clicked for auto start…but…??? Doubt this is relevant…but set dot to thumb…who knows, it’s worth a shot. :thinking:

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Maybe I am using an older version of VPNSafetyDot-Beta. (V 1.5.9) I do not have the option during the device boot to activate Safety Dot.

Yes you have the older version indeed. I’m using v 1.9.0 it’s a good idea to update to the new version.

When you open the VSD app in the bottom middle of the screen you will find the settings button.

To install the app the best way to do that through TP Rapid app installer.