VPNs - Good, Bad, General Advice

I have subscriptions to 3 VPN services. I use them all for different reasons. I have IP Vanish, I have Express VPN, and I have Quad VPN. Did anyone see the warning from Edward Snowden regarding not trusting Express VPN?

Ahhhh pfft. The best ppl to protect your info are the hackers who use to steal it. Top security firms hire the very hackers who got through the firewalls and security. Afterall they’re the ones who know how.

VPNs protect your online data by ghosting your ip address and encrypting your internet traffic.

It gives you some privacy and peace of mind.

It benefits you by blocking is to see what you are doing if you have heavy traffic on your network (streaming illegally downloading alot) prevents throttle.

It also protects you from websites your surf from accessing your ip and data. It’s a great way to have protection. Don’t worry about hackers… common sense still applies. Don’t use your personal info on stuff that isn’t trusted. Don’t use your cc home address or any of that stuff to unverified and untrusted sources.


Those are my go to and really reliable.

Top 3 VPNs IMHO, and not in any order, are
Nord VPN

Lately I’ve been using ExpressVPN as my speeds have jumped from the 45Mbs down I was getting with IPVanish to 80+ with ExpressVPN and the lightway protocol

Currently I have IPVanish (sort of). I am having some login issues since they auto update a few days ago and can’t seem to log back in. Did a chat with arep last night for HOURS and they still couldn’t get my login info. It doesn’t matter to me all that much because my membership expire in a week or so.

So here is my question. I am looking at Express, Nord, and Surfshark for my new VPN service. My research say Express is the best overall, but I am concerned about their recent hack. Nord gets very good reviews about reliability and security. Surfshark other being fast, I don’t much about them except it seems a lot of people on these IPTV Telegram chats seem to like them. IPVanish is being touted a good beginners VPN service. I don’t know about that, but all the pro reviews do not list IPVanish in the top tier group, but more as a good starter service. Besides, they dropped the ball on CS with me in the last couple of days.

So which one do you guys think I should invest my $$$ in?

Express isn’t the best.

VPNs now are extremely competitive.

When researching always look for the best protection and how they protect vs dollars amounts

Nord is really good for protection but has issues with some sites and links. Thinks they are malware when it’s a false positive. Have to do alot of manual allowing through nord to fix. It’s a good sign but annoying.

Nord has a lot of good features.

Ipvanish is also great.

I strongly believe nord and ipvanish are the best. In my honest opinion.

I have used Surfshark for the last 1 1/2 years and have been mostly happy with them. you just need to find the fastest server. For me the LA server is the fastest even if it 3000 miles from me, where the closest server (30 miles away) gives about the speed. This is only an issue when I use Paramount + for my local CBS channel - it thinks I’m in LA.

I’ve found that ExpressVPN is fast but not the best for IPTV since it buffers often. IP Vanish has been the best for streaming but not for content coming from the UK. For the UK stream, ExpressVPN works and so does Quad VPN. So, I have all 3 of them.

I agree. Look at the track record for each service along with unbiased reviews. Check to see where the vpn service is domiciled. Best to go with one not in a jurisdiction subject to the international surveillance treaty.

I sure would love to see a VPN Category on here. Would definitely help separate reviews and suggestions and help put them in the correct spot. Some help @TROYPOINT ?


Pretty sure the website has all that info.

All tho they recommend ipvanaish.

Understandable and so is a lot of this. Would just be nice to have it categorized for easy finding for members. Thanks for the reply!

I tried IP Vanish a few times. Could never seem to get it to work right even with help from their technical support. I have been using the free version of Proton. It works ok. You get what you pay for. With both Proton and IP vanish, I could not connect to Prime apps, and contrary to what I’ve read, both slowed the signal down

I think you need to understand that Prime won’t work with a VPN, so you need to set up split tunneling to allow those apps you should be using with a VPN to use the VPN and the ones that shouldn’t use a VPN to not use it. As for the speed issue, yes there is an overhead speed reduction, but it helps to close all other apps running on the Firestick. You can achieve this by installing Background Apps and Process List. Run the app and close all programs but the VPN and the streaming app. This will improve the quality of the stream. It is not advisable to use a free VPN service.

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Another app I use in conjunction with Background Apps and Process List is Fast Task Killer. I like that one because you don’t need to do anything. It just runs in the background. If you click OPEN a pop up will appear (enable notifications for this app to see it) and lists the dozens of tasks it killed. I believe Troypoint has this on his RAI?

I use Nord. I have only used Nord so I have nothing to compare it to. However it is easy to use for a beginner and can be pretty fast. I have 300mb fiber internet and usually connect with Nord running at about 150+. The only down side to Nord is that (in a previous update) they removed the option to see all the server numbers and info listed in a specific region. Ie: St. Louis has 13 servers but you can’t see the 13 server numbers or info about them. You have to choose the St. Louis region and it will connect to one of those 13 servers(supposedly the fastest one). It will show the server number after connected so if you like that server you can search for it later but it becomes a hassle to find a reliable favorite. This can also be tricky with the fire stick app. To help find the fastest servers, I use Nord on my iOS devices to find the server numbers that I like and then test them in the Nord fire stick app to see if I’m getting the same or similar speeds I’m looking for. I do still recommend them and I will more than likely renew with them this year when my sub expires. Try their free trial to see if it fits your needs.


300 down and with nord you connected you have 150?

That doesn’t seem right. I use nord and i have 1gig and while connected I only lose like 10-20 down speed.

Wifi speeds on both my iPhone and my fire stick.
I use anality to check my location and Speed on the fire stick and speed test on my iPhone. I’m satisfied with my speeds. I get very little buffering or issues. If anything my isp messes with our bandwidth from time to time. They say they don’t throttle but you never know. Why else would you get download speeds below 100 from time to time randomly throughout the week, with no vpn? Even during off peak times. I’m not claiming I know anything about all that, just my experiences.

I have tried IP Vanish, Express and Nord. The only one that worked for my needs (circumventing
geofenced BBC UK TV) was Nord, and at $80 for three years was also the cheapest at the time

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I agree with joeboer’s comments. I also find Nord customer service excellent when you have questions or issues.