Vpn working or not

Anyone know why, on analiti, it shows that i am not using a vpn. But if i run an online vpn test, it says that i am. I have ipvanish. Ive tried it different protocols. Same result. This is on an invidia shield, hard wired. But same if on wifi.

reboot and re-test. sometimes needed

The device itself?
Also, analiti tells me its needs an update, but it wont update. Even if i delete it, then reinstall it through TP, still wont update.

Which store do you use. It’s in google play. That should be the latest updated app. But if not let me know and I’ll see if I can find a github link for you.

I got it off of troypoint installer.

If you use google play give it a go

often analiti will show pevious connection and a reset in connection is needed. So yes reboot the box should show properly provided the rest is set up correctly. Im sure it is because the other test showed so.

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