VPN? Should I use?

I stream movies from Amazon Prime and tv programs and some movies with the Cinema app using mostly real-debrid but occasionally some non-debris links. All of that without a VPN. Am at risk to any significant exposure since I don’t use a VPN?
Thank you for your comments in advance.


Nord vpn

In my opinion absolutely. Your connection is not encrypted and your IP can log all your activity and see what you’re doing. For hackers it’s then easy to see you as well. I never go on the net without a VPN active. It also helps with Geo Blocking which is practiced by many companies like Google and Amazon. Although not perfect as some use deep packet scanning.

The short answer is Yes. I prefer IPVanish but there are tons of choices available for less than $5/month

I will not run my box with out my VPN on doesn’t matter what or where I am watching. I have been using IP vanish and in my opinion I think it’s the best and very affordable. Don’t take a chance doing anything anymore without a VPN too risky


@scgolfer as mentioned above, Yes you’re at risk. I use Ipvanish and if you use the link thru TROYPOINT you get a discount, this is your best bet in my opinion :+1:t3:

Yes, you need a VPN! And I second IPVanish. With the discount provided by Troypoint it’s quite reasonable for an entire year. I have contacted their customer service and have no complaints there either. You can download the app onto your phone and use it for whenever you’re connected to public wifi.
IP Vanish has an option in the settings menu called Split Tunneling which will allow you to choose which services to run without the VPN.
I have it on my Shield and Firestick and on both devices it’s the first app in the lineup as a reminder that it gets connected first.
Protect yourself and protect the services and individuals that provide our high seas entertainment :wink:

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hello i use my ipvanish vpn and still no changes i get no streams available almost on all tv shows and i also have real-debrid account. I can click on a tv show like Getaway Driver and watch it for few days then when i go back i get no streams availble? there are only few tv showers i can watch on Kodi/ hd cinema/

Have you played around with testing the various protocols in Vanish? What about trying one of their prime server locations like Ashburn?

Doesn’t sound like a VPN problem but more likely it’s cinema. I have had same problem with cinema and so have many others. Try to have more than one APK I have cinema ocean streams films plus unlock my tv . Some times one will work next time it won’t need to have a backup. Hopefully this helps

@Miki I just want to say Thank you, you are Awesome and always very helpful with your quick responses and willingness to take the time to help. Every post I’ve seen you’re spot on and very informative. This is what the forum was created for and you’re appreciated. :pray:t3:


I have been using SURF SHARK for the last 6 months pretty stable compared to IP VANISH. Also they are based in Cayman Islands, hence they don’t have to submit subscribers log activities etc to the USA law enforcers. :skull_and_crossbones:

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Surfshark started good for me then all of a sudden for about a week everything buffered. They did something to it because “knock on wood” its been running great

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Doesn’t really matter. Vpns are legal and if a court wanted records of your traffic threw the vpn or to get any logs kept by the vpn company its would be to go after the creators and uploaders of these apps and iptv providers.

Unless you doing some real sketch stuff… you won’t get nailed unless your isp targets or identify your traffic going after flagged content. It’s worse if you are directly downloading torrents that are flagged that gets you in trouble. You would have to use encryption based torrent Downloaders at that point.

Streaming apps so widely available don’t worry about that. They will just get shut down.

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@KPNUTZ666 May I ask what issues you had with IPVanish. I’m looking to either wait until one of mine expire or just purchase a year. The one reason I would choose this is because it’s highly recommended by @TROYPOINT Now I get it that people say he pushes it because it makes him money, but I believe he pushes it because he knows it’s good and I trust him because of his knowledge. IMO

After I sent the post, I had noticed what I had done … yes I agree with you … I’m now quite cautious coming from the broadcasting media world.

Thanks for the input much appreciated :pray:

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The various servers across the world I was using
I could not access sites such as Peacock TV , 10, Local channels.

Also my speeds had dropped by 45-75% especially in the morning and evening.

Also I like the GUI for the current VPN.

I trust troypoint also. He is my main source of information. When I started watching IPTV 2 years ago I got IPVanish with Tivimate. Awesome combo at first. However my speed started to slow with IPVanish running compared to it being off. Then IPVanish would not let me use Tivimate. Ive used no VPN for approximately 6 months but my provider vanished (JC MEDIA) and now Im trialing Mullvad. So far it’s been stellar.

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I cancelled my IPVanish and have gone with ExpressVPN. I now get speeds double that of IPVanish. Now this could simply be that the Lightway protocol works better with my IP than the wiregaurd protocol.


Thanks for that info @perogiehunting & @Miki Let’s just hope its something they are working on like what happened to myself and Surfshark. I still have an issue once is awhile but when I open it, servers are pretty full and I just switch over to CyberGhost. I’d like another one just to be on the safe side if you know what I mean

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