VPN Safety Dot problems

I have vpn safety dot installed and have switched it to the on position. It keeps saying that VPN Safety Dot is initializing and will not turn from yellow to green. I have forced stopped the app, cleared the cache and data, and finally uninstalled and then reinstalled, and I still have a yellow dot and not green. Any ideas or suggestions to get this to operate correctly? Thanks!

I had the same exact problem after months of perfect operation. I force quit and uninstalled then downloaded from Troy’s Rapid App Installer and it works as it should.

I also did they same. But still sits in the yellow.

I had that happen to me a few times but since the new updated version came out I never have that problem anymore.

I haven’t had this issue, but several times it has turned red and I check the VPN in running and it shows connected. I have to turn safety dot off and back on again and it turns green. Not sure why