VPN Safety Dot not working with Surfshark

I am not sure if anyone else is seeing this but my VPN safety Dot does not turn red when I disconnect Surfshark. Just for the heck of it I uninstalled ipvanish and the VPN Safety Dot. Then reinstalled the
Safety Dot from the rapid app installer. No luck though, when I disconnect surfshark the green light does not turn red. Not a big deal because the kill switch works great. Just letting everyone know what’s happening on my Firestick 4K.

I tried it on my 4K Max and I don’t use the coloured dot I use the thumb. Now don’t forget, if you have “killswitch” enabled and it disconnects from the internet then although you will not have an internet connection you will still have the VPN connected to your device so safety dot will see it as still active as it is blocking your internet stream. Now try this, go into settings and turn the killswitch off, then shut down SS, your safety dot will now turn red as you have accessed the internet without an active VPN.


You are 100% right…never thought of it that way… I tried your suggestion and you were spot on. Thanks again for setting me straight. :grinning:

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Yes indeed thank you for the deep dive on SS, invaluable info!