VPN Safety Dot in Troypoint App

Don’t know if it’s on my end; but VPN Safety Dot would not download and install from the Troypoint app. I also went to the website, it doesn’t download from there, either.


Hi again this due to few reasons.

Is already installed on your device, it will not install again, first uninstall the old one then reinstall from RAI. You can check in apps if it exists.

Allow unknown sources, drive etc. For Troypoint, the app, to allow this to be installed.

Check the download folder for Troypoint folder if it’s already there, you can try to installed from there to. Again it must be allowed to be installed.

The most important is to allow the app to be installed without VPN on. After installation you can reactivate VPN again.

Also you can check if the app being blocked by eg: google play, VPN provider

If installation succeeded. Open VSD must be on. Then go to settings then Start VPNSafetyDot on Device Boot must be on. After all that you will see on the top right corner of the screen Green Dot this will indicate that VPN is on. If the color red must turn VPN on.

What device are you trying to install it on? There is another thread where an individual was unable to get stuff to download and install. They were able to resolve the issue with what we call a complete power cycle. Unplug the power from everything, modem/router, TV and device. Remove your device from what ever port you have it plugged into on the TV. Now I do mean unplug, not just shut the power off. Wait for a few minutes to make sure all states are cleared. Then reverse the process. Plug in the modem/router and wait for it to cycle through it’s startup procedure. Plug the TV in, Plug in your device to “house” power, not a USB port on your TV, and then fire it all up and give it another try. Please let us know how you make out.

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Hey guys, it looks like the application is currently not available for download from their official website which is causing the issue.


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strange as I was able to download the windows version but the firestick version did nothing…HMMMM, could Big Amazon have its hand in this?

Always food for thought :thinking: :face_with_peeking_eye:

This is weird. 6 hours ago I downloaded VSD from RAI. Now I try to download it again it shows download takes to long. Weird :grimacing::flushed::grimacing:

From theire website it’s downloading only the window version.

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I do that on a regular basis anyway; but figured I’d give it a shot. Didn’t work. I’m setting up a new Onn that’s been sitting around unopened for a couple of months. I got sick of the endless problems with the Mecool KM 6 Deluxe. Now I know for sure that the weird blackouts were caused by the device, not the TV. It’s only the Safety Dot and the Safety Dot website that are having problems, so that leads me to believe it’s on their end. I dont know if it’s the new “custom dots” you can make that has them distracted. I don’t want a custom dot. The regular is fine! In the Troypoint App, it just hangs at download starting. Endlessly. I want my dot back! The TV looks NEKKID without it!:grin:

Yeah, that’s what I figured; but I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t on my end. Hopefully it will be up again soon…I need my DOT!:grimacing:

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Uh, nope. First time setup of an Onn. Pretty sure the problem is on their end.

Thanks for checking! Appreciated! Dang! I was trying to download 8-10 hrs ago, and it was a no go. Maybe the fact it was working for a bit after that is a sign they’re working on it.

You can always send the app over to your ONN…using Send Anywhere or Send Files to TV…I do it all the time…both on the PlayStore.


Yes, after that you can’t download from their website. Only the window version.

I don’t have it on my phone or any computers

Roger that…thought you might have it on another device somewhere…hopefully, it gets resolved soon…

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I was able to download VPN safety dot today, so apparently they fixed it!