VPN on router, yes or no?

I currently have Express VPN installed on my router.
Only really need it for Netflix and Prime.
Express seems to interfere with my IPTV…
Would I be better off insalling Surfshark on my Fire Cube only? With the kill swich I could kill it if needed with the IPTV. Or can Surfshark be installed on the router?
Not sure which way to go… expert advice needed!

Well you actually dont need a vpn for prime or netflix unless you are trying to get around geoblock.


I live in the caribbean, so yep. Geoblock.

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Most Routers provided by an ISP provider wont allow you to install a VPN. If you have a router of your own, then yes put the VPN on it and then you don’t need worry about installing the VPN on each of the devices you use. You could perhaps set you IPTV as an exception and it wont run through your VPN.

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Good point, isp provided modems can be routers, but you are limited on them, there frimware is ether locked or semi locked. Bypass this by hooking the modem up to a good router than use vpn that, hopefully you have good down speed.

I have full access to my isp supplied modem only because i used to work for the company and got full control, they can still log into it and make wireless changes but i can see muahahaha. Anyways yes.


@KingPro , are you recommending iptv not be run thru a vpn? Asking, because I currently dont use an iptv, but was thinking of trying the protocol out…I use vpn for 99% of my online tv & 100% of my computer…

I’d recommend using a VPN for all online streaming, including IPTV. It is also essential to allow you to connect to different locations if Geo-Blocking is a factor on channel you want to watch. The original poster felt the VPN was causing issues and although I’d recommend they try figure out exactly what was causing those (as VPN would rarely interfere with an IPTV) I suggested they could allow the program to bypass the VPN and see if it resolves the problem.