VPN on router instead of devices

I have an Asus RT-AX3000 router. I just put my nordvpn on it, to see if I like it better than putting it on at the device level. But how do I know that it hasn’t cut out on me? I don’t see any kill switch at the router. I’ve gotten so used to the safety dot, I’m paranoid without it!


You should have the kill switch in vpn options. Safety dot will not work with a router. I use merlin firmware with my router so I could be mistaken about kill switch but I have it with merlin. I place my vpn widget on my home screen to view my ip at startup.

I’m not seeing that in my Asus menu. I’m hoping someone else with an Asus can clue me in. I did a leak test on my TV, and it came up as the VPN address…although it said Low instead of excellent protection like it usually does. Defsqiud is asking for codes now, BTW. Guess they figured out a mailing list might be a good thing to have.


Try going threw this video.

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My custom Safety Dot message in the app says, “If it’s not flashing green you’re path’s unclean”. rofl:

Oof. An unclean path. You may wanna have a Dr check that out for ya, bud!

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