VPN monitor DOT bug

I just disconnected from my VPN (Surfshark) to reset it due to slowing connection speed, and thought it would be a good test for the app VpnmonitorDot. It was a good test as I stayed disconnected for 5 min. and the square flashed green the entire time. Guess I`ll try another app.


Happened to me as well. I let them know via the email supplied. Did not hear anything back.

I started having disconnect problems while running the free ver of the green dot app so I just totally removed it and my problem stopped. dunno


I uploaded a new version 1.09 that will hopefully fix this issue. It would be greatly appreciated if you could let me know if it does fix your issue.

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I didn’t see any emails reporting this issue, so sorry for that.

Could you please try downloading the new version 1.09 and let me know if it fixes the issue?


Was the “dot” an actual dot or square (my app has a square)?

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@tw2022 If you have the kill switch active on surfshark it will still flash green. Is telling you your VPN is working. Try turning off the kill switch and then disconnecting and see what happens.


That is what I was going to say.If you have the kill switch on in Surfshark it will stay green. If you turn off kill switch. The square will turn red telling you that you are unprotected. Hope that helps.

I am a little confused…

Are you saying that you can turn off the VPN but still have the kill switch on? If so, then you should have no internet access at that point because the kill switch should be doing it’s job of blocking internet to apps if the VPN is not enabled.

Am I understanding this correctly?

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True if the kill switch is active then it will block internet access when you disconnect surfshark. The VPN is actually working still, doing its job by cutting off internet access to your device. If the that works the same as the original VPN safety dot that is charging money now. It did the same thing when working with a kill switch.

I am assuming you’re Safety Square is monitoring the VPN actually working. Which it is when the kill switch is activated.

I hope I did not confuse you. The VPN is actually still on when the kill switch is activated. Just blocking internet traffic to your device or selected applications.

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OK, now I understand - thank you for clarifying that in detail :slight_smile:

Thank you for developing it.


The new features I will be releasing soon will make it even better!


Yes. If you disconnect the Surf Shark vpn if you have Kill switch enabled it disconnects you from the internet connection so VPN dot monitor still shows you as safe green which you are. If you turn off Kill switch and disconnect from your vpn Dot monitor shows up red and you are not protected. Your program is working great and just as it should. At least on my end on a gen2 firestick and a older 4k firestick. I haven’t installed it on my shield pro yet but I will in a day or so. Thank you for developing it.

You are very welcome!

I installed this today on my Nvidia Shield Pro and I got the error about it being made for an older Android version, but it seemed to start okay. However, it’s still showing green even when my VPN is disconnected. Not sure if that’s because of the issue with it being made for older Android versions or something else, but it doesn’t seem to work as expected for me unfortunately.

The android warning is due to a trick I had to do to get the dot to display on some devices - it’s safe to ignore.

But I don’t understand why my app would be saying the VPN is running when you disabled it.

Which VPN service are you using?

You don’t happen to have two different VPN services or a firewall app (some firewall apps act like a VPN to android) installed on this device, do you?

I actually have three VPN apps installed but I checked to make sure none were running. But I rebooted the device and it seems to be working as expected now so maybe that’s what was needed. I’ll keep trying it out and let you know if I see any issues. Thanks for your efforts on this!

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Oh good! Yes, please let me know if it happend again.

Where do you obtain that app? I checked google play to no avail.

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