VPN coverage of content on E:/ drive

I would like to move NOX from my C:/ drive to E:/ drive on my computer, will my VPN (Surfshark) continue to protect the NOX content on the E:/ drive?

As I believe it, if both drives are on your PC and your VPN is on your PC, then the VPN will make an anonymous connection between your PC and the internet.


Hey @Herm Do you have a SS app exclusively on your NOX emulator? If so, it should stay with the NOX, regardless of the drive. LIke @Canonbenny says…if you set up SS on your hard drive there should be a VPN network adapter connection in your Network Connections…good for the whole computer. I have a SS app on my BlueStacks emulator & add-ons that are exclusive to each browser they’re on. :cowboy_hat_face:

Thanks for the timely response and info, I feel safe in moving NOX to E:/ now as SS is on the PC.

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What a great idea, I never thought about an exclusive NOX VPN. I appreciate you.

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