VPN Company Reaches Agreement to Block Torrent Sites & Log User Data

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A Virginia Court has approved of an injunction agreement that states VPN Provider VPN.ht must block torrent websites and log user data. This was first reported by TorrentFreak, which noted that the company used to promote the illegal Streaming App Popcorn Time. Back in March of this year, various Movie Companies filed a lawsuit against…

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All this is doing is going after vpns for something that isn’t even their fault.

Rich elites and movie companies are trying to put the squeeze on everything.

It will backfire and soon things will be more encrypted. Proxie servers and vpns, or other measures to encrypted data and information.

They are trying to blame vpns so they can go after isp for logs for this stuff. There is other ways to do stuff and that’s all this will accomplish.

Encrypt your wifi
Https everywhere (this enables https secure connection)
Tor browser (or another proxie server/web browser)

There should be a whole topic on encrypting wifi.
Also, setting up a secure online “experience” with everything you mentioned…

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To be fair the average user won’t really use a proxie.

If we are just streaming free stuff a VPN is good in most cases.

You can always google this as well.

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