Voice Search on FireStick

I have 7 FireTV Sticks 4K and have been using them for years.

Recently, the ability to do a voice search on Cinema, or any other APK has disappeared - on all of them. I’ve hunted through settings, and tried everything I can think of to try to turn it back on.

Has this happened to anyone else? Any ‘fix’ that I can use? Thanks!

One of my Firestick 4Ks is like this, can’t do voice-typing in anything. It beeps like it is listening but never works. It has also had issues with the wi-fi connecting but telling me that there is no internet access, when every other device I have works fine. Curious if you’ll get a helpful answer here…


I had this problem. Couldn’t fix it but found it worked when I returned to the stock launcher. When returning to a custom launcher it was hit or miss what apps it worked on but somehow always worked on stock.

Mine doesn’t work on anything, stock or otherwise