Video previews when highlited in list gone?

Use 19.4 on a KM2 Xenon 19.41 and RD
There used to be a thumbnail preview of videos as they were scrolled over when highlited in the list of search results.
This feature seems to have gone away since up updated to 19.4.1
Is there a switch or setting to get it back?

No, Kodi and almost every build and addon use the trakt api which is currently down… This is effecting almost all services. Please use our search regarding common problems or at least see if its been posted.

I get that Trakt is down, I just didn’t know how deeply it affects most functionality with various addons. I assummed it was simply to track episodes I was watching, not a core component within Kodi.
I’m curious as I don’t really use them; but
are stand alone APK’s similarly affected?

Most to all addons use the trakt api to get all shows/movies, it effects pretty much all search functions that relay on the trakt api and with that down it will also effect your functionally to track your show progress as well. It was a major outage. Looks like its back up tho.

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