Video & no audio, audio & no video on cinema, cyberflix & teatv

I go down the list of choices on all apk’s until I find where I get both audio & video. I have Real Debrid. A lot of times I do not get a any that are both. I have over 100 on internet speed. Is there some setting I am missing?

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I’m having the same problem with TeaTV . None of the links are working . Can’t play one video.


I have a FS4k.mecool km2, and onn. Teatv is on all 3, no ads, work great @ 100kbps . Never have had a need for RD to get what I want to watch. Also use surfshark vpn…

Just checked my Cinema with RD and seems to be working fine here.

What player are you using and are you having any issues with ads and slow performance with the latest update?

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