Very poor quality film playback

Hello everyone,
Just wondering why I’m getting very poor quality playback on a recently released film? any one got any idea’s.

Hi Dave,

This could be down to the quality of the release with it being a new film. I’m sure if you give it a few months, a better quality release will be out.



Could be alot of reasons, could you give us more to work on?

What device? What method you using? Kodi? Real debrid? Lots of info. It could be your internet.

Edit: if its a new flim in theaters it won’t be a good quality.

H’i TP-Dracoo,
Thanks for getting back to me, appreciated. I have a MECOOL KM6 Android stb, and I’m using Tivimate. I have a good internet connection (300) with no problems. Also I’m not having any problems with any other films just this one. . I hope I haven’t broken any rules, as this my first post, and I’m a bit concerned.

We cant name movies being used in this fashion. But a new movie will be a cam quality and you wont get a decent copy untill its out for stream.

Everything els seems fine.

Ok, thanks TP-Dracoo,

I won’t make that mistake again. I can only apologise for my ignorance, and thanks for the info regarding streaming etc.


Its all good, it happens.

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