USTVGO integration

Can anyone point me in the right direction, I want an app style integration for USTVGO like are in some of the builds. I have tried using the builds but on 19.1 they are really slow on my Fire TV Stick Gen2. So I’m looking for a minimal approach with USTVGO and my UPnP. I use Cinema and Netflix for movies so no need for all the extras. I may want to add something for sports later but my main concern is the USTVGO.

I use USTVGO from The Crew addon. I do not use builds, just install The Crew addon in Kodi and you will have access to USTVGO under the IPTV tab in The Crew menu.


I do exactly the same thing, ustvgo from the crew iptv category. Another suggestion would be to use the browser and use Only prob with that is that you have to have NordVPN running to get the premium channels.

I use USTVGO in Kodi. It is one of the few that works well reliably. I usually use it on Sunday to watch football and have had no issues.

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