USTV GO is Gone

I running it on Windows 11 - Brave browser.

Most NHL games were fine so it’s a good find - thx Miki!

ooooh. I hear it does work way better on a full fledged computer setup. I’m jealous.

Well, my system definitely is “full fledged” but seems nothing to be jealous about since it works better for you on your box then it does on my Win 11 laptop!!!

Ya but that could just be because of the VPN I’m using.

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They redirect me to NordVPN website when i click on some game streams when i’m already running Nord - such stupidity!!!

it is. And a waste of time. There are other good free sites as well. Troy has them listed. I just went to the Panthers game and other ghan the SID popupbyou accept and the 2 redirects you ignore, the game loads fine, double click enter with the the main window and I’m watching full screen.

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