Using a Firewall App to Block Amazon Updates

I haven’t used it in years but what about using an app like NoRoot Firewall to block Amazon Firestick updates?

*** Update: NoRoot runs(?) but seems to have issues with NordVPN. Anyone have good results with any other firewall apps that play nice with vpn’s?


Recently amazon updated there os, you cant block their updates anymore unless you root the device but they patched that with a efuse.

Noroot wont work.

Not saying you cant try, just saying.

NoRoot Firewall may be something worth looking at for added security on any Android device. It’s in the google playstore.


Does the app “Update Blocker” or “Debloat Toolbox” not work anymore?


As if recently and as of a new update yes. If you havent updated ir have a old os probably might work.

One I use that works but will require some tweaking etc is netguard. It is a no-root firewall that I have used on my phone for quite some time. You can get it in the playstore but stripped down to play by googles rules. So get it from github for the full version including host file. I am testing this now on my ugoos box although not sure I need it because everything is tamed down with this box already.
GitHub - M66B/NetGuard: A simple way to block access to the internet per app


Thanks for the update.

Negative. I downloaded/installed Debloat from Troypoint’s RAI. The backup server disable works but not the others.

Error: java.lang.SecurityException: Cannot disable a protected package: Same for override.

I’m running Fire OS (NS6281/4812) and I’m in Canada.

As for NoRoot, I used to swear by it. Allows you to enter custom filters, ip’s/ports…but as I said and I’ve confirmed it, it doesn’t play nice with NordVPN. It takes multiple attempts to get the service to start (it launches fine), and never notifies you of new triggers.

As well I’d want to know how using a software firewall effects the functionality of the VPN Dot util before I’d be comfortable relying on it.

I’m seriously leaning towards just hooking one of my pocket routers back up just for this firestick, installing Nord on it (therefore eliminating the need for the Nord app or VPN Dot), and just running NoRoot or similar app (NoRoot was designed for phones so having a mouse is almost required IMO).

So as mentioned any amazon device thats been newly updated you wont be able to do this. Auto updates are now automatic and you would need to buy a older frimware older updated device to do this and not have it connected to the internet. If there is some bypass it goes beyond @Jayhawks659 guides on this.

Noroot is justba firewall. But as i said you can try.

But i wouldn’t encourage anyone to try this especially if not experienced.

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Do I need to update it every so often or just leave it as is? Sorry for the dumb ass question.


If automatic updates are on. Then you dont have to worry, it will say there is an update and just do it.

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