Using 2 USB devices with OTG cbls on firest

Hi all, I added to my 4k firestick, via otg cable, a USB device for more storage. Works great. My question is I want to add games so I was thinking of adding another USB for the games only. My otg cable supports 3 USB devices along with Ethernet. Can I add another USB device with games only??

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I have never tried this but according to atv it is possible using a hub. I will PM you the link with the explanation and instructions.
Oh sorry, I just noticed that you have a 4K not a 4K Max. I don’t think it’s possible on the 4K, just on the Max.

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Thanks Miki, now I have an excuse to upgrade.


How can I tell if storage is going into my usb

On a Firestick 4K
Go to settings - Applications - Manage Installed Applications - show all
If there is a USB icon next to the app it is on your USB.

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