Use VPN for cheaper streaming prices?

I know this isn’t really the purpose of this group, but I have been reading over the last few months that a number of streaming services like Netflix are significantly cheaper in other parts of the world. It sounds like you can use a VPN to sign up for them at that price but I have never been able to make it work. Would love to see future guides highlight things like this and other possible savings that can be had using a VPN.

I’ve been reading Netflix and others are clamping down on VPN use. The best route of using a VPN IMO is IPTV. Been using one for about 6 mos now and it’s great. $59/yr one connection and over 20,000 channels, VOD & PPV

Big streaming sources are clamping down on this.

You are better of to get vod/iptv service and use a VPN rather than pay for a VPN to get cheaper Netflix.

It’s alot harder now to VPN you in a different country and sign up for Netflix to get a different rate.

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