USB storage causing Firestick rebooting

I have a USB 256gig storage drive installed on my Firestick, as per Troypoint instructions, and it has worked well for a couple of weeks until now. My Firestick began rebooting constantly a couple of days ago and eventually I disconnected the USB drive and it stopped. I have lots of programs on this drive including a Kodi 19.1 build that I just completed and I would like to use it.
Is there anything I can do to stop this rebooting situation? Note: It was rebooting before the Kodi build.

Do you perhaps have an auto start function enabled on some program that may be hunting for a component it can’t find? Not sure how many programs you have on external but if you can, try moving them back onto the stick one at a time and see if it stops.


Along with the above statement is it possible you have to much on your stick and it’s retarting due to lack of ram or bogged down?

That’s a good idea. I’ll take a look.

I’ll check it out. Thanks

Are you powering the firestick with a USB port on the TV? If so that isn’t enough power to run every thing. Plug it into the wall. :+1:


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And this is also correct. Try this option as well.

Thanks Dracoo.

I hope it cures his issue.

Thanks. Been under the weather, hence the delayed feedback.

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