USB not showing up

This will look like an old answered topic, but it’s not.

I hooked up Sandisk to record off of TiVimate following the many video instructions [e.g. Fat32; X-plore etc] and it works. Side-loaded apps show up on FireTV [] with the little USB tag beside the name. And I can launch those apps, from the “managed installed applications” site.

BUT, the external storage does not show up under storage. The place where you can eject it doesn’t show up? It use to show up before everything went poof on me which I posted about a couple of weeks ago. But no longer.

Does the fact that I can’t see the USB on my FireTV 4K a problem I may not be aware of? Is it behind some minor issues I have sometimes, like apps vanishing from my homepage (only happened twice) or shows not recording on TiViMate sometimes?

First I would use a file explorer to see if the folder you created still exist and if it does not permissions were changed. If it is there you should be able to navigate from within the tivimate interface to set the recording location. If its not there go back and make a new folder where you want it to reside and go back and try to set it up again.

@TXRon The folder still exists. thanks!

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