Usb flash drive, fire tv stays in reboot mode

Hi, I’ve used the cable that is recommended and I’ve tried 4 times (buying different recommended cables) to use my 128GB flash drive to add memory to my fire stick (2nd gen) and add more apps to Kodi. EVERY time I plug in the flash drive, fire tv just keeps re-booting. It never stops! I dont’ want to give up on it as a matter of principal. My Fire TV cannot WIN!!!

Is it plugged in to a wall charger or the tv for power?

I may be wrong but if it’s a Sec. gen. regular stick it is OS 5 and not capable of extended storage, but if it’s a 4K your good

Your stick cannot format the drive. Therefore you will have to plug it into a computer and format it to fat32. The following is a quote from AFTVnews:

Data Access Only

Devices: 2nd-gen Fire TV Stick, and 1st-gen Fire TV Stick 4K

Devices that support this form of external storage support, which include the Fire TV Stick 2 and the Fire TV Stick 4K, will fully mount external drives that get connected via an OTG cable. This means that all apps will see the drive and be able to access its data. However, Fire OS itself will not offer to format the drive or do anything with it. This means that you cannot move apps to external storage on these Fire TV models. There are ways to hack that capability onto the device, but it is not present by default.

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