Usb drive storage

What’s the quickest way to check what is available on the firestick usb drive that’s partitioned 50 50 after you e used it for a while.

Sorry if this is a silly question but I’m kind of feeling my way thru this whole thing.

Your computer can read the partition ur recordings are on.

I’m not entirely sure if the FireTV actually supports both external/internal at the same time. I do know you can go into My Fire TV>About> Storage and check. Not sure if it will show external and internal. As I mentioned, I believe a USB drive on the Firestick fireTV OS supports internal or external but not both at the same time. I’m still playing around with this and someone else may jump in that knows more.

On my Fire TV Cube, if I click on >Applications>Manage Installed Applications The side menu shows Internal Space 8.15 of 12.99 GB available. Just below that is External Space 123 GB of 124 GB available. I have a sandisk f32 as external.

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