Updating Superman build

I keep getting a notification that there is an update and then there are 3 options: fresh install, regular install, remind me later. I have clicked both install options and nothing happened. I waited, tried turning on and off…nothing. What am I doing wrong?

I don’t know about builds, but normally in kodi in the settings menu, go into system/ addons, and make sure that the update toggles are selected to yes, otherwise it won’t update.

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Same here update says new version 1.6 but again clicking nothing happens
By the way I have two units if I refresh on one I lose all past favorites and settings but on other firestick it updates and everything stays in place go figure…

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Yesterday got same update ignored it but did go to cmanwiz…clicked builds scrolled to Superman build yes there is a 1.6 update…I downloaded note only freak build was noted …it updates but erased all my settings and favorites…

Not freak build but fresh build sorryemphasized text