Updates ; not enough space available

I installed USB 64g memory 4kmax stick, moved all but one or two programs on the sandisk 64g. Discovery and a couple others say update needed. when I try the update I get not enough memory. there is 59g left on memory stick. discovery is installed on the memory stick. Any ideas? I’ve cleared all cashe on internal memory. Says 1.35m available.

I’m assuming this is on a firestick as you didn’t state what device this is on.

It looks like its on a 4kMax. Not sure why you’re getting this error when you have 1.3Gb free. What update is failing? A firestick update or an app update?

If im reading this right 1.3"m" ? if so that is very little

yes it is…unless i factory reset i can’t get more…now its 60m

are you using kodi? …< extra dots to meet minimum requirement to post :roll_eyes:

now its even less its discovery+ app and its installed on 64g sandisk usb

yes kodi but its discovery+ thats installed on the 64g sandisk usb

have you cleared cache on discovery as well as other apps?

discovery+ on 64g sandisk usb…50g available

yes sir all cleared…

discovery+ app. on usb 64g sandisk

yes 4k max…my 3rd gen works fine

14 gigs used on a 64 gig stick? crazy…does it bring you coffee and rub your backl.

Is this a legit copy of discovery or 3rd party? The app is a hog and generally sounds of malware. Try reseytting the app by clearing data or remove it and install from legit store


Sometimes you cannot update from the memory stick, you have to move the app back onto the Firestick, update it, and then move it back onto the USB.


thats crazy too…I need more coffee :crazy_face:

Is the usb set as removable storage or device storage?

I agree. The app developers need to code for so many eventualities these days. It’s why I stick with main stream apps.


discover is one of my fav channels and their other sub channels like ID…if im not watching sports im usually in discovery somewhere.


yes legit I pay ipay iay lol