Updated from Kodi 19.3 to 20 v 8.1 and its lovely but

Hey !!!
I am having error messages from METADATA EDITOR AND Seren. On top of that Inputstream.rtmp,visualization. waveform failed to install.

So tellme what I need to do???


Hi. Are you trying to update to Kodi V20 (Nexus) Nightly.

Because this version is still unstable and mostly used by advanced testers to help and find possible bugs.


I am running Kodi 20*N but I am still running diggz Xenon Matrix out of diggz repo. Once I remove the broken links and get past the error messages(2) its beautiful and fully functional

The issues are common with beta releases and im sure developers are working on but as far as a fix you might not be so lucky. The fix usually shows up in a new beta and that might be what you will need to do is just keep updating beta.

Yeah and how many functioning addons work with KODI 20?

Your best bet is to downgrade to 19.3 and wait

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Ok keep in mind that kodi v20 is still in test version and may have many bugs in it.

If you have the opportunity you can also report the bugs “if any” directly to kodi developers they’ll appreciate that. :+1:

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