Updated from a 4k to a 4k max Having troubles with Syncler

Syncler+ showing subtitles even though I have unchecked all subtitle settings I can find. I did uninstall and reinstall to see if this would clear the problem. Still the same problem. I really need some help here as I will not use Syncler with subtitles. I did not have syncler+ before setting up this 4K max.
I have been through the settings of every category many many times.


The video player settings, did you go in there? Which player do you use? Also is it all shows and movies?

I have the same issue; my apologies, no idea how to stop subtitles - just learned to live with them lol

Thank you for the information. Glad to know I’m not the only one with this problem. Hopefully, someone has figured this out and will chime in.

sup jr…

& youve looked at the stik settngs under accessibility- CC?
(hadn’t seen it mentiond)

I have both a Firestick 4k and a 4k Max. I am not at all happy with the max as either I have a wonky unit or it is just finicky with certain things. ** Case in point, connected to my same wifi from the same location, most often I lose my DL speed using IpVanish and the only way I can resolve it is to restart the firestick then it’s fine again.

There seems to be a number of idiosyncrasies with this new one and I missed my window for having it replaces in 30 days by Amazon where I purchased it.

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