Update on Cat Mouse

Two days ago the Cat Mouse application wanted me to do an update, once I did so I lost everything I had put as favorites. Here’s our way to get them back?

Only way I know is having a Trakt.tv account and having it logged in to your particular apk. If you don’t, get one it’s FREE and set it up in all your apk’s or Kodi apps that allow it, so this doesn’t happen again.
If you do, here’s what I had to do to get everything back:
Via C/M Settings;
Clear/Log Out of Trakt.tv

Close Cat Mouse
Restart Cat Mouse
Back in Settings; Get Trackt.tv and activate with new #
Click back into Favorites and click again on the Circle Arrows in upper right corner.

Basic question (I guess) - How do I get Trackt on my TV to use with Netflix?