Unlinked not working for me

I downloaded unlinked from rapid app installer to my nvidia shield. When I open the unlinked apk it opens with add a library. When I put a code in nothing happens. What is going wrong?

Hello @Fastopel working fine on my Shield. Are you sure you are inputting a proper code? Try 44444444.

Yes, I click the add library a box opens for the code I input 44444444 or any other code and nothing happens. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

I’m having a similar issue.
When I put in a code (I’ve tried 44444444, 12341234, 55555555) I get a quick message that the code is unavailable, but it goes away. Then when I Launch the app I downloaded in Unlinked, I get a message that the install failed.
I’m using a 2nd Gen Firestick with 2.90GB of free space after downloading Unlinked.

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