Unlinked apps what to use?

Hi, I’m used to using Cinema, but having a lot of issues finding streams. I have a real debrid account but that has never seemed to work for me. I have the unlinked app downloaded, but am wondering what app to use (there are soooo many). User friendly, good streams, similar to cinema. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!


Real debird is one of the best paid service, you should use it. If you are having issues let us know, but plenty of helpful guides in topics in here regarding apps with real debrid setup.

Your best combo with real debrid will be:

Kodi with crew seren addons
Syncler +

Top three with real debird.

Best apps to use free and paid.

Also use the rapid app installer :slight_smile: currently password 12341234 is down, i have it noted.

55555555 use that.


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