Unlinked 12341234 currently working

Hello everyone

Unlinked is currently working but some apps won’t download. Please use others troypoint offers on is website. Please don’t make topics on password 12341234, watch for this topic.


Unlinked Password 12341234 status working but some apps won’t download

Don’t use applinked


So I was messing with unlinked password 12341234.

The only thing I couldn’t seem to download was cinemahd.

Alot of other stuff seems to work.

Feel free to post here on what’s downloading and what’s not.

This isn’t a topic for issues you may have. Just if the app is downloading for you. If it doesn’t it will come up with a little ! I the app picture.

For me it was just cinemahd. Might have been pulled from that password.

Still try 55555555 if it doesn’t. Still follow above just to be safe.

Cinemahd is now downloading


I checked today and it seems to be working ok again.

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Couldn’t download Clean Master this morning from 12341234. Got it from another store.

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It’s working now I have it downloaded.

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Yeah, I think they are coming back to normal operations. With all the shutdowns going on I wonder what happened? Maybe just a simple glitch in the matrix? :wink:

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It’s possible, I personally think it’s server and host related until I find out otherwise.

But it looks like things are coming back online.


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Unlinked is fine. No longer needs to be pinned. I will keep an eye on it.

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All the 4s don’t work


I’m mainly taking about 12341234 the most common one.


They’re is alot of others.

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