Universal remote for onn 4K box?

Does anyone know of any multi-device remote control that will work with the Walmart onn 4K box?

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It should do most basic things if you have a spare usb

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What should work? I’m looking for recommendations for specific remotes. They shouldn’t need usb.

Hard for me to say which would be better as I dont have that box. No usb means im guessing you want a bluetooth remote. There are so many and most likely most basic ones will work. Button mapping is a whole nuther ball game.

Thanks for trying. Just fyi, the onn box doesn’t have a usb port.

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You can always get an OTG cable or powered hub, and add a mini keyboard dongle.


Already have an otg cable for expanded storage.

A powered otg hub would allow for extra storage, a usb dongle and an ethernet connection. Talk about supercharging a cheap device.


I am guessing that you do not have one. True?

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I do have one. I love my mini keyboard but also have the remote app on my phone.

If you’re referring to an otg cable, yes, I do have one. I just mentioned the fact that the Walmart onn 4k box itself doesn’t itself have a usb port.

I mean you are saying you have the 2023 Walmart Onn tv box and straight out of the box you were able to hook up an OTG cable, have external memory, wireless keyboard and Ethernet capabilities?

You have a very special 2023 Onn box because the rest of us have to go into developer options and change the setting to get USB capabilities since they didn’t come from the factory turned on. I figured it out yesterday.

For anybody else trying to figure out how to get USB capabilities on the 2023 Onn box. This is what I did and what everybody else also needs to do, but if you are going to use Wi-Fi you probably don’t need to turn off Wi-Fi.

Turn off wifi. Get into developer options and scroll down to “select USB configuration” switch it from “charging” to “RNDS (USB Ethernet)” go back scroll down and hit restart. When it powered back on with my OTG dongle connected with my USB 3 splitter with Ethernet I now I had an ethernet connection and my USB keyboard also worked. It is now perfect and blows Fire sticks away. There are a couple different USB settings you can play with but after I did another restart powered it back up, it switched itself back to “charging” in developer options but my USB dongles are working just fine and with Ethernet. I tried several including a ugreen.

Don’t see where anyone mentioned adding a powered otg hub “right out of the box”. However that doesn’t even matter. When anyone is ready to add storage, a mini keyboard and an ethernet adapter, you can plug one into the micro usb port on the Onn. Like the Max, this will expand the Onn’s horizons and give you a bunch more options to play with. Smays are the powered hubs I use.
Have fun and STREAM ON!!!

Pardon my ignorance, but what would the need be for an ethernet connection on an onn box?

Instead of WiFi. Especially if experiencing any wifi interference. Most consider ethernet to be more stable than WiFi. Some have found this reduces their lag and improves download speeds, while reducing some buffering. Not just for the Onn, but for any streamer.

Thanks for the info Miki.

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I’m just saying it was pretty obvious that you didn’t have the 2023 Walmart Onn box or else you would have known that you can’t just use the micro USB right out of the box for anything but power and expect it to work correctly without making additional adjustments in developer options that are different than with the Fire sticks or the Mi box or any other streamer that I’ve used with Android Google TV. Apparently an updated video is needed so people can realize that there is additional steps that should be taken in order to get full use out of the micro USB port.

I saw a lot of people spreading misinformation and acting like you can just use an OTG cable and a USB splitter and away you go. It was apparent that they didn’t have one and were just assuming it would work out of the box. For a minute I thought maybe I had a goofy one because of people proclaiming that it was easy it just turns out they didn’t have one. It actually is fairly easy there is just an additional step you have to take so now you know so if you give advice to people you can tell them what they need to actually do.

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I never once said anything about “out of the box” and that wasn’t mentioned by the OP, as I mentioned, and I have had, and used, the onn boxes. That’s how I know about the powered otg hub and Onn. Used it, done it, moved on. Now the information given was from personal onn experience, so don’t go assuming what I know or don’t know about something. You’ll be embarrassed. If you need to know where specific options and settings are in androidTV, including how and what to configure in Dev mode, just ask and I’ll do what I can to give you simple and easy to follow instructions. I always do deep dives into devices and settings. Have a good weekend. Btw, not sure why you found it hard to figure out, it’s a pretty standard procedure from Shields to sticks. Common knowledge for most of us.

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I have an otg cable that I use for power & additional usb storage. If I wanted to use a mini keyboard, what would I need, some kind of hub? If so, could you reccomend one, as well as a good keyboard? I appreciate your help.

I use the Smays powered otg hub with the micro USB. I got 6 of them from Amazon. Used on the Onn, 4k Max, MeCool KM2 and the Shield Pro.