Universal media center Kodi interface

greetings all, I changed the interface on the Kodi 19.4 fork to universal media center; I wanted to see if it was any good, now and can’t get back to regular interface. Please help me get back to the normal Kodi interface. Thanks in advance!

Find the settings or tools tab and select skin and change to Estuary. Hope this helps.

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Thank you, it’s not letting me get to settings only to exit

That’s maybe going to need a reset or maybe you could clear the data and get it to respond.

If you can’t get into settings - go into apps, find KODI, force close then clear data. Then open KODI again & you will be back to barebones KODI.

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I actually had to do this last night as Skeleton Crew build somehow became corrupted - nothing populated. I used Troy’s instructions to install Diggz Zenon. I was able to install Real-Debrid but Trakt is down for ‘scheduled maintenance’


Scheduled maintenance. lol. They were attacked and data was corrupted. It may rake them days to correct this as the corrupted data goes to their core.

I hope they’re able to fix it soon enough - they provide a great service that is much appreciated. Mind you, maybe their security systems need firming up just a bit hmmm…

For me trakt is a total waste of money. I know what I’ve watched and don’t need a lame service keeping track. But that’s just me.


Well, i don’t pay for it nor do i need them to keep track either but it’s nice that i don’t have to look up or remember all the shows i’m watching over a period of time. But, that’s just me. :upside_down_face:

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Stremio keeps track of anything I watch. Apart from that I never forget what movie or series I have watched.

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Forgive my ignorance or forgetfulness, but does Stremio also have TV Shows that are being shown currently (eg. on a weekly basis, for instance, Survivor)? And, if it does, does it keep previous seasons episodes so you can watch them??
I keep on hearing people sing the praises of Stremio - might have to look into it!

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It has an addon that scrapes back years upon years. All series and movies. Once you setbup Stremio on ond device all you have to do is install it on any other device, log in, and your entire setup is applied automatically, including all your watched episodes and libraries.

Wow - thanks for the quick reply.

Where can i download Stremio from??


I found their website -

I see ‘Stremio for Android TV’ but which apk do i download for install on Android box (BuzzTV x5 & Shield Pro)? I’m assuming 1.5.6x86_64?

When you scroll down through the various versions for each OS you will see one highlighted. This will be the recommended one for your device.

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Do the TV Shows on Stremio have commercials?

If so, not interested - I hate commercials - that’s why I stick with KODI!

I use TiViMate for my IPTV as it’s designed for that very specific function. I only use Stremio for Movies and series, and no there aren’t any ads in those.

I don’t understand your statement about TiviMate?? I also use it but only for news & sports, the latter unfortunately is hit & miss in KODI. I love watching TV Shows sans commercials - hence my love of KODI!

Oh if you are referring to TV Series, stremio has them all, and without ads and imho much more dependable than Kodi. When you said tv shows I thought you meant live tv and I only use Tivimate for those.

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