Unable to re-install Cinema HD

I deleted Cinema HD in order to reload onto external thumb drive attached to my firestick 4k. Now it won’t install with msg app not installed. Just wandering if Cinema HD is down.

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No it’s working fine mate.
How did you try to install it? was it via rapid installer?

Are you using the official app? According to their Fb group, the Devs always making changes to try and stop the mods and AF versions.

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I am having the same issue. We weren’t getting any streams so I un-installed thinking I could re-install and it’s not in the rapid installer on the Troypoint app.

Cinema is working just fine for me.


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Install unlinked and use code 12341234.

That has everything you need on it including cinemahd

I had the same issue please help


Welcome to our community :grinning:

Same thing as above.

Use troypoint app with unlinked code 12341234.

Today I tried again to load and install cinema hd with success. I did nothing different using troypoint install instructions. I still think there was something wrong with the app. Thanks for all suggestions.
I removed and reinstalled troypoint rapid app installer and noticed cinema was not listed, what else is missing.


It’s in the unlinked app. Go to troypont app I stall u linked use code 12341234 wait for it to load.

Boom there it is.

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