Unable to install downloaded apps on my Android box

No matter what I use …downloader or troypoint rapid installer …after installation I am unable to install. I get a notice app not installed. I have never had this problem before with this box. It’s about 3 years old sky stream 3. Developer options unknown sources and debugging are set

Did enable apps from unknown sources.

Yes I never changed any of the settings I checked to be sure

What android os version do you have? 7+ is the requirement.

Android version 8.1. and I have plenty of storage available

not sure if its related but my phone had a big update today. Android could be with amazon trying to stop apps


Naw, I upgraded my android phone to 12 and still works. I don’t think it’s that.


What error are you getting? Or it just won’t install. Just app didn’t install? Is it every apk?

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I don’t know if this will help, but my brother has the same box as you. I also have a SkyStream Pro8k, so I am somewhat familiar with the OS. My brother was having the same problem, the only thing I did was to stop auto updates in the Google play store and his problems stopped. Not sure if this actually had anything to do with his install problem. I also turned off auto updates in the Google play store for my SkyStream as any app in there (no matter where I downloaded it from) seemed to be controlled from the play store. Kind of weird though.


That actually does help, disable google play protection!


Did you look in your file explore app under downloads? If it is there installit from there using your package installer.

I can download an app or download an update that works fine when I hit install it installs up to a certain point and then I get a message app didn’t install


Disable google play protect.


@Dminor9 Hey D…when shutting auto update off do you get any notification when an update from Play Store is pending?..or do you have to occasionally check…

Once Google Play protect and auto update is shut off, there will be no notifications at all of any pending updates. Mine has been shut off for over a year now and I have no problems at all with any apps or addons I have installed.


I turned of notifications, too. So, I check every so often for any updates.

Btw, I also, disable the Play Store app until I need it. Then I enable download and disable. Don’t trust the the money mongers at all!

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@Powerfader Roger that…& I concur :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Bad thing is…if I disable it & forget, I may be here asking y’all why it doesn’t work :upside_down_face:

I wanted to do that but I haven’t figured out where it is. But I think I fixed the problem I went into my ES file explorer download folder and cleared everything out.

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