UK Turks update problem

I recently updated my UK Turks app from ver. 1.0.9 to 2.0. Pretty quickly I found I had lost remote capability … no pause, fast forward icons on the screen, and eventually had to exit out of the app using my back arrow on the remote … took a while.
I am using an android TX6 box 4gb/32gb, running Android 9.
Has anyone else had any issues with this apk ?

I can’t even get it to load on my Nvidia Sheild Pro . Had to load it on my Fire stick .

Interesting. Are you experiencing any problems ? I also note the Icon has changed … which may just be an update. I may just stick with my Kodi until they iron the wrinkles out. Thanks for the input.

It works alright on my Firestick but wont load on my Nvidia S. Dont understand that . That’s not the first time I coudn’t get an app to load on my N S . That’s why I bought a Firestick .

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