Uk iptv working, but

Hi there,
after watching the iptv setup video, I thought to myself, that’s not looking to difficult, I’ll give it a go.
Being an ex-pat and living in Germany I’m constantly looking for ways to watch UK Tv mainly ITV and BBC (in good quality).So, downloaded and iinstalled the iptv suggested software and the m3u file, working perfectlty, except for the itv and bbc, they have in brackets geo restricted, so I think, no problem I’ll start my vpn software, but still have the same problem, goes into mode and attempts to start thr channels, but to no avail. My vpn works (also recommendedby Troypoint) because if I go directly to itv or bbc I get the result desired.
I have a 500 mbit fiber optic
firecube 2nd gen
the software recommended in the video
I hope I haven’t written anything that I shouldn’t
many thanks in advance

Not all vpns are equal. I’ll have a look and see if I can find those channels. I know I can get one but never looked for the other.

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Nord vpn works on those channels but sometimes you have to try several different servers to find one that works. I find that the newer (higher numbered) servers are least likely to be blocked.


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