UK Android Box Suggestions

Looking for suggestions. Anyone UK based that has tried/tested or using an Android TV Box? I’m happy with Firestick 4K Max as my main device, but getting rid of a 2nd Gen Firestick in the bedroom. I want to have a nosey around an Android Box, not a stick so I’d be interested in knowing what others have had success with. Cheers :+1:

If you can get any one of the boxes posted in serveal topics in the uk than get them. You probably can just nedled a eu adapter.

Can you direct me to a post whereby a UK user is making a recommendation, I’d gladly read it. The variables around using adapters, especially where power is considered is something I want to avoid. Not really looking for Troypoint reviews etc, more specifically users own experiences. Cheers :+1:

I mean if you can get the ones people reviewed already shipped to the uk you are Golden.

Thanks, sent a quick PM to @scouserman in the UK as @Miki let me know he has a wee bit knowledge of UK Android boxes. I read a few reviews that people importing boxes from overseas experience problems using power adapters and the like, so looking for a box specifically made for the UK market and our power supply. :+1::+1:
Also, duty to pay on stuff coming into the UK is getting outta hand, I aint paying twice what a box is worth to get it posted :sunglasses::grin:

That’s my same problem. I ordered $400 U.S.D worth of electronic stuff from the U.S.A. and had it delivered to me here in Mexico. By the time I was done with Shipping, taxes, import duties, and exchange rate my final bill was $685 Canadian.

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Mornin King…

Disclaimer: (not really a suggestion)

just thought this was funky & it is UK & so is this vender,
But i kno nuthin about them or it… just looks pretty rad, comes wth controller & 2 remotes… hmmm

But I do hv an X96x4 0S11 & luv it (maybe the american cuzin of the 1 below, that this place has for sale) & its pretty sweet & easy to use… a good box if it meets yor requiremnts (pwr, shippng)

Happy Hunting…

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aliexpress has most everything with EU designation. It all pretty much comes from china anyways.


@Sketch I’m likin’ the looks of that A95x box :upside_down_face:

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I did like the look of X96, so going to have a look. Its as a 2nd device and using it in bedroom, so dont want to spend too much :wink:

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Yeh K… I’m sure u can find it othr places, u can use any launcher u want, has chrome & google pre-inst


the x96 pretty much gets decent reviews .

hers a good look at others>> TV BOX CHART 2022 - Google Drive


lol Tx
… ikr, i thot the 95x was a router, the video shows it comes with box full of cr@p… lol

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look for a min 4x32 box. Then no need for storage unless you record alot.


well, im in the process of turning a ugoos x4pro box into a server… if it doesnt work out I will be looking. :crazy_face:

Yup, I tend to stick to a handful of Apps, so a steady and reliable little box that I can customise and update as required, is what I’m after :+1::+1:

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I live in England and have used a T95 box for a couple of years - no problems at all. Bought from Amazon for £45

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