Ugreen gig ethernet adapter

Will the Ugreen gigabit ethernet adapter work on a Nvidia Shield? If yes, how do I set it up? Thanks

I would have thought it was plug and play although doesn’t the shield already have a 1 gig nic?

Is your device the shield TV or the shield pro? Asking for clarification for a more precise answer. Also could you tell us what you’re trying to accomplish please? That would help a lot.

Exactly what I was going to say. No need for this on the NVIDIA SHIELD Pro but maybe it’s the NVIDIA SHIELD tube.


My Nvidia Shield is a Pro. Thanks

I have a Nvidia Shield Pro. Thanks

With the Pro you don’t need an ethernet adapter, it has a 1Gig port for ethernet already. You just have to go into the settings and turn ethernet on.

Thanks Miki for replying back

No problem. That’s what we’re here for. The port is located just above the power plug on the back.

I just posted another question about a problem I am having with my new 4k 2nd gen fire stick. Hopefully u might have an answer. Thanks

If It’s regarding the missing app icons that is an old bug that has come back in Fire OS 8 and Amazon needs to release an update to fix it. You can always install and use Sideload Launcher.