Ugoos UT8 Pro $160

Is this a good deal? I’ve got 16 hours to decide?

Its a good box, price seems high. Maybe its just holding its value. It was in the $200 range when it came out.

I see it on Amazon for $184. I knew you would be the first to respond on Ugoos.

lol, I just finnished a game of golf on my ut8 :joy:

You can get it a little cheaper from aliexpress, and a slow boat from china(about a month)

edit… I would get it from amazon for easy return.

Wondering @TXRon if you have checked out the Ugoos X4Q Pro? UT8 has power, 8/128 but X4Q is 4/32 Both with D4 RAM versus Nvidia with 3 D3 Ram. Big price difference, is it worth that difference AND who would most benefit.


The Ugoos AM6 B Plus is currently available on Amazon for $189. I have had this box for 3 years now and it is fantastic. Open stock android 9 with high end Amlogic processor, metal casing, large heat sink for great cooling, 32 gbs of ram and 32 gbs internal memory. Well worth the price.


I have both the x3 and x4 boxes, both are nice. The x4Q is an upgrade of the x4 but I see no difference other than physical size. No comparison between the shield and ugoos boxes. The ugoos is stock android and the shield is android tv. The shield specs are 2nd to no box. It really comes down to what you want. AS far as 3gb ram vs 4 on the x4, you really cant use that as a measurement because the shield better utilizes its ram as well as everything else. The ut8 has 8gb ram and is very powerful but still not on the shields level. The am6 b that sim_bill mentions measures up better but still is stock although a top rated box.

edit. If you plan to record(DVR) lots and also plan on using tivimate, the ut-8 shines with that extra ram. I have recorded 2 shows at once while watching another ( 3 streams ) at the same time without a stutter.


Thanks again Ron, Dave and Bill. After reading review upon review I went with the Nvidea Shield Pro. Getting ready for my 1 gb speed after having less than 1 mb speed for 20 years I’ve gone crazy. Nvidea, MeCool, Roku, new 4k mini pixel tv, TP-Link DECO Mesh router and an install of wiring to the garage (cave). The last message I found said “SANTA HAS LEFT THE BUILDING!!!” and so has my bank account. From now on it is just downloads.


Once im feeling better I can sell any of the latest Ugoo boxes and better prices then you find even on AliExpress. I can offer the UT8 pro for $ 155 U.S. but you pay the duty & shipping.

Where did you see for $180 ??? You have link ?

I don’t have it now. I went with the Nvidea instead. You just take care of yourself and work on getting better. Thanks.


Where to you live? I am from canada and have one brand new here. PM me

I guessed the Quebec area based on the French name. I am in Washington. I don’t need the Ugoos anymore but thanks anyway.

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Ah okay, its fine. I an selling them because I switched to X4Q Plus because I can clone them easily using TWRP. Personally I use the UT8 Pro but the X4Q Plus is just time saving and is more then enough for IPTV